Two in One


The books offer a unique perspective on Iceland, capturing the charms of two very different seasons from a single viewpoint, in a series of enchanting photographs. The twin images are taken from exactly the same spot – one in summer and one in winter.    

The photographs are accompanied by informative and amusing captions. They were originally on display in the gallery Torg, in the National Museum of Iceland.

Extract from the preface

There are two faces to Iceland, a fresh bright summer and the white-blue winter aspect. Between them, everything changes; weather, landscapes and the way of life. Winter is the time to cuddle up in warm houses while fierce snowstorms battle it out above the rooftops. When the storm is over, prepare to take to the mountains, to walk, ski, or hunt, not least for good photo opportunities. Then, as the cold recedes and the tender light of summer takes over, people rekindle an enduring and passionate love-affair with nature, lasting deep into the long, light nights.

In the past, the ability to sense imminent changes in the weather was a most valuable talent; survival depended on reading signs in the clouds and the colours of the sky correctly. Today, that same aptitude is necessary for the landscape photographer, although there is less at stake! The ability to interpret nature, light and clouds determines whether or not you’ll get a good picture. During the summer in Iceland the golden hour lasts around the clock, but it is equally rewarding to shoot in challenging conditions, bad weather or the bright winter light.

Summer or winter, the magic of the natural world creates unique experiences that we keep pictures of forever. Not just on the memory cards of our cameras, but more importantly, in our hearts.

Sverrir Björnsson

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Sverrir Björnsson
Sverrir Björnsson
Sverrir Björnsson, designer and concept photographer, has been the creative director at the advertising agency Hvita Husid for many years, whilst also concentrating on his art, cartoons, writing and photography.

Annáll Aukablaðsins 2001
Annáll Aukablaðsins 2002
Spannáll 2008
Funny Kids 2016
Seasons 2017

Private exhibitions
SPÉSPEGLAR, Cartoon collection. The art center Gerðuberg, 2012
TWO IN ONE, Photographs. The National Museum Of Iceland 2012

International awards
Euro best
The Swan
The New York awards


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ISBN 978-9979-72-201-4


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168 pages. 12.5 cm x 10.5cm, 250 gr.

ISBN 978-9979-72-201-4

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  • Name: Sverrir Björnsson
  • Address: Ránargata 46, 101 Reykjavík Iceland
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